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Plus you are getting the EXTRA brand new features which are NOT available in Vidio Sniper PRO.

The Automated Product Store Builder, Set-n-Forget Technology and Call To Action Buttons In Videos.

This upgrade is not available anywhere else.

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YES, you still get all the brand new features as Vidio Sniper Developer but you can only use them on 10 sites of your choice.

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Normal Price $297. Launch Price $77.
Final Price $39. Today ONLY On This Page!

Vidio Sniper DEVELOPER Upgrade 10 License

10 Vidio Sniper Developer Licenses.

10 Developer Licenses

10 Vidio Sniper Developer license to unlock a whole new level of profit potential for yourself.

Now you have the ability to use it on client sites, create and flip sites for profits, and even sell video monetization as a service.

You can use Vidio Sniper on 10 sites you own (personal), your clients own (commercial), and that you sell for profit.

Sell or flip just 1 site and it's all PURE PROFIT thereafter.

Includes EXTRA Brand NEW Features. Automated Product Store Builder, Set-n-Forget Technology and Call To Action Buttons In Videos.

AUTOMATED Product Store Builder

Instantly manage & schedule products on autopilot & have your content go viral across all major social networks with 1 click.

You can grow multiple campaigns on FB, Twitter, Linkedin & Pinterest. Let others share your products for you.

With the Amazon and eBay affiliate integration Vidio Sniper DEVELOPER finds and adds products from their store to your store with your affiliate link in a few clicks to generate you affiliate commissions on autopilot.

Search by keyword and Vidio Sniper DEVELOPER will pull all the relevant products into your store at the click of a button with content.

100% Set-n-Forget Sales System

The auto Set-n-Forget Product Store Builder will add products to your videos on complete autopilot and build out your video store.

And with the automatic product scheduler, you can choose which keywords you want to target and Vidio Sniper DEVELOPER will keep adding affiliate products for you, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Make HANDS-FREE commissions day after day, week after week, month after month!

It's 100% Set & Forget. Simply log in, set the timer, hit schedule & Vidio Sniper DEVELOPER will get to work and fill your store with products automatically daily, weekly or monthly.

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  • 10 Developers License
  • 1 Click Installations
  • Own Or Sell For EASY Profits
  • Automated Product Store Builder
  • 100% Set-n-Forget Technology
  • NO Tech Skills Required
  • Amazon & eBay Affiliate Program Integration
  • Built-In Custom Call To Action Buttons End Of Video
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Normal Price $297. Launch Price $77.
Final Price $39. Today ONLY On This Page!

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Normal Price $297. Launch Price $77.
Now ONLY $39!